Introduction to engine laboratory research

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After completion of the course the student has basic knowledge of marine engine research environment at the University of Vaasa. This introductory course creates a pathway to minor studies on energy technology ( The course develops analysis skills and written communication skills.


Virtual tours to marine engine laboratory and fuel laboratory. Introduction of different engine components and monitoring devices. Presentation of laboratory equipment and measuring instruments. Exercises and mathematical problems concerning basic research methods in laboratories.

Modes of study:

Approved report including the answers to exercises and mathematical problems.

Evaluation scale:



Before you start the course, please, read the instructions how to navigate in the tour and what are the evaluation principles of the course: ENERFT1001 Instructions


Written assignment (report) instructions:

Use the University of Vaasa’s word template.

You can find the template also on this site.

Important note for University of Vaasa students: Mark your student number on the front page of the assignment paper.


Welcome to the course!

Let’s start with a tour to engine and fuel laboratories. Please go to next module.