FITech 101: Blockchain Business Applications

Blockchain Business Applications course banner

Welcome to FITech 101: Blockchain Business Applications course! This is a 1 ECTS credits university course, provided by FITech and Aalto University.

This course provides you with a basic understanding of what blockchain is and how blockchain could be deployed in the business.

Course basic information:

  • Teacher: Assistant professor Vikash Kumar Sinha, Aalto University School of Business (
  • Category: ICT Studies
  • Topic: Blockchain
  • Course code: CS-AJ0100 FITech 101
  • Credits: 1 ECTS
  • Workload: Estimated 27 hours
  • Price: 0 €

After the course, you will have the ability to

  • Understand the basics of blockchain, its business ecosystem and business models (especially NFTs, initial coin offerings, security tokens, smart contracts, and private Distributed Ledger Technology based systems)
  • Recognize the role of blockchain and its potential application in business transformations
  • Identify challenges related to the deployment of blockchain
  • Understand the ethical and environmental considerations of deploying blockchain solutions

To complete the course:

  • Study all the seven modules. In each module, the content is presented in the form of a video (9 videos).
  • Pass the quizzes after each module (7 pieces). You can see your progress of passed modules in the progress bar or content listing on this page.
  • To pass a quiz, 60 % of answers have to be correct. You can retake the quizzes if you fail.
  • To apply for the credits via Studyinfo (Opintopolku) you need to pass all the quizzes.

General prerequisites: Pre-watching of two videos in the orientation module are recommended before starting the course. This is a very basic course without any focus on coding.